Preparation of a neuropsychological report

The purpose of the proposed workshop is to familiarize neuropsychologists and/or neuropsychology trainees with the preparation of a neuropsychological report. For this reason, suggested structure of the neuropsychological report is going to be presented including: a. Reason for Referral, b. Interview and Observations, c. Neuropsychological test results, d. Summary and Conclusions. Emphasis will be put on the synthesis of the report. During this workshop examples of different reports are going to be provided for different clinical conditions. Trainees will have the chance to write suggested units of the report in order to familiarize with the writing process.

Learning Outcomes
1. Basic structure of a neuropsychological report
2. Synthesis of the report
3. Familiarization with different report styles

Duration: 2 hours
Registration fee: 20 euros – Registration via
Maximum number of participants: 20
Eligible participants: neuropsychologists and neuropsychology trainees
Language: Greek

Presentation and educational material by the Education Committee of the Hellenic Neuropsychological Society (HNPS)

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