Discussion Forum
“Discussion on Open Acces and its (unwanted) consequences”

Title: The light and dark sides of Plan S and Open Access

The decision of the major publishing houses of increasing the quota of papers in Open Access (OA) is consistent with the Academy’s long-standing request for OA. Authors or their institutions will have to endure the related costs. A discussion on the unintended consequences of OA is overdue, including the upsurge of the deplorable phenomenon of predatory outlets and the effect of widening the disparity between larger and smaller institutions, between established and younger researchers, and between richer and poorer disciplines.



Sergio Della Sala

Professor of Human Cognitive Neuroscience,
University of Edinburgh, UK



Hans-Otto Karnath

Professor, Center for Neurology,
Division of Neuropsychology,
University of Tübingen, Germany

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